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Breathable Warmth with a Cool Touch

Quality You Can See

Engineered for Adults

TruHugs seeks to deliver sustainable weighted blankets of the best qualities. Each TruHugs is made with new innovative industry disruptive weaving, gridding, and weighting technologies.

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Driven by Research

Each TruHugs blanket is designed to work better, the first time, for more people.

  • Pressure Cloning
  • Brain Trickery
  • Custom Matching
  • Exploratory Integration

Pressure Cloning

We apply scientific data trends by directly emulating the range of pressures that have increased likelihood of alleviating negative symptoms associated with autism, anxiety, and insomnia...all while taking into account differences in how the pressure was applied and who it was applied to.

Brain Trickery

Designed with new neuro-physiological frameworks on how swaddling works and can be better applied, our weighted blankets better sell the brain into believing your body is in a grounded stable environment... even with only partial contact.

Custom Matching

Our weighted blankets are developed with the knowledge that pressure receptors are only skin deep, and your body weight has nearly nothing to do with "how heavy your weighted blankets should be." Instead, we developed our products by looking at how sensitive to pressure you most likely are...which depends on who you are and how you live.

Exploratory Integration

We continuously evaluate new literature findings on related products like weighted vests and therapeutic skin brushes in order to improve our own.

A Higher Standard

The TruHugs blanket sets the bar for weighted blanket luxury. With so much to wish for, we wanted to create something that stands above the rest--an organic "made from scratch" weighted blanket that is built on science.

We’ve considered everything from how certain stitching patterns help fabric drape over the body more easily, to how different weaving patterns affect air circulation. And we’ve done it organically using the highest grade materials.

Weighted Proper

Many of today’s weighted blankets are either too light or heavy. The weight options we offer come directly from our research into what makes a weighted blanket effective and for what kind of person.

Technologically Advanced

Since we customize all our components from scratch, we were able to hand-select specific ingredients and design techniques in order to optimize for softness, pressure distribution, thermal regulation, and durability.