Weighted Blankets. Redefined.

In our second generation weighted blanket for adults, we focused on improving four specific factors: stabilizing pressure while you move or sleep, maximizing breathable and cooling comfort, customizing softness suitable for those sensitive to touch, and manufacturing durability that would last a lifetime. We think we’ve found the winning combination.

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Pressure is Everything

Effective swaddling requires equal weight distribution. Our new SOLO and DUO weighted blankets are specifically engineered to make contact with every pressure receptor in your skin.

Swaddling Towards Infinity

We didn’t just make our grids smaller, we developed a new type of grid that optimizes equal pressure distribution while also making the weighted blanket much more flexible.Featuring the world's most equally filled grids, truHugs envelops your body with a stable continuous environment…a key outcome that helps calm the body and mind.

Larger grids have trouble keeping weighted beads where they need to be, on top of you as you sleep.

Smaller square or diamond grids help to keep more weight on top of you, but have trouble bending around the contours of your body. Unequally filled grids apply uneven pressure to your body and increase risk of weighted blanket slippage onto the floor.

Our small and curved grid pattern provides dynamic pressure stabilization by naturally creasing in controlled patterns at high frequencies that cause each physical grid to divide into an exponential number of "virtual" sub-grids. Each grid is equally filled with an exacting amount of weight.

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Designed for Humans

truHugs unique quilting pattern also helps increase diagonal flexibility, allowing our weighted blankets to apply pressure closer and more equally than ever before. A weighted blanket will always bend easily where its thinnest...along its stitching. For truHugs, that's every 3 circular degrees.

Engineered around adult bodies

Sized to accommodate body circumferences of the smallest to largest adults, the waves towards the middle are smaller, increasing regional flexibility where people interact with a weighted blanket most.

Maintains pressure when you move

An exaggerated wave pattern optimizes weight distribution when sleeping on your side or at an angle by using purposefully controlled creasing patterns that further restrict weighted filler movement within a wave's crests.

Scientifically Weighted

Perhaps the reason why so many people find their weighted blankets too heavy or light is because the traditional "choose a weighted blanket that is 10% your body weight" rule has been improperly translated through decades of scientific conservatism, with its distant origins as an American backpack safety guideline for kids.

Solo Weighted Blanket

15 lbs

Applies light pressure which works better for "pressure sensitive" adults who are commonly younger, female, non-smokers, and lighter-skinned.

23 lbs

Applies moderate pressure perfect for an adult who is a mix of characteristics. (most of us)

30 lbs

Applies heavy pressure which is more suitable for “pressure in-sensitive” adults who tend to be older, male, smokers, and darker-skinned.

Duo Weighted Blanket

35 lbs

DUO offers sufficient weight to be effective for most without becoming uncomfortable for pressure sensitive adults.

Made from Scratch

After testing countless different materials, weaves, and softening techniques, we’ve created a set of custom fabrics and fillings that have the exact properties we’re after--a balance between optimization of breathability, sweat vapor transmission, and cooling touch.

We’ve stayed away from rigid heat locking plastic scrims that are often used to keep weighted beads from leaking, opting instead to use stronger raw organic materials that can be woven into an independently capable weighted blanket shell.

Our high-density fluff is spun to reduce empty air spaces that can easily trap heat from your body and cause you to sweat.

Supernatural materials

Bamboo, hemp, eucalyptus, and linen are all fibers that absorb body heat by storing it within their hollow cores, providing additional insulation as the night gets colder.

The right gaps

We increased gaps between our fabric threads to increase warmth and breathable comfort. We decreased gaps to make fabrics cooler to touch and lower insulation at the same time.

Breathable structure

To add durability, warmth, drape, and breathability we use sateen and twill weaves on our surface fabrics, looser weaves that give each thread more space to move when hit by air.

Finished kosher

Our fabrics are independently finished so desirable natural raw fiber properties can be preserved.

Silent & Fluffy

A grid packed with too much fluff becomes overly rigid and won't wrap your body correctly. If a grid is too empty weighted beads can slide quickly around the grid chamber, making noise with reduced pressure. truHugs' 3D symmetry is only possible with perfectly filled grids designed to balance many comfort goals at once.

Durable & Soft

Extra stitching, natural material strengths, and weave engineering all help make truHugs up to 6 times more durable than traditional weighted blankets.Each blanket is pre-softened, utilizing four of the most modern natural finishing technologies in the industry. Our washing & softening process is up to 9 times longer than that of fabrics typically available wholesale, and consists of:

  • Fire Washing,

    Raw fabric is brushed with fire, singing off all unwanted remnant fibers poking out from the weaving process.

  • Enzyme Softening Treatment,

    Bacteria is used instead of toxic chemicals and oils to naturally soften tougher fibers like hemp.

  • Water Washing,

    Fabric is washed, steamed, sanitized, and preshrunk in succession.

  • Air Softening,

    Fabric is continuously blasted with air to further soften the fabric, then air cured.

Quality materials selected with purpose.