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Weighted Blankets

DUO Blanket
How big is DUO?

DUO is 108 inches wide and 84 inches long.

How many people can DUO accommodate?

DUO was made to accommodate two adults and their typical lifestyles.

I am looking to buy the DUO. What bed frames is DUO optimized for?

DUO is designed to minimize the negative effects of slippage on King and California King sized beds when used by a couple.

What makes DUO so special?

DUO is the world’s first real effort to create a weighted blanket that satisfies the mutual requirements of two adults and the ways they sleep together.

SOLO Blanket
How big is Solo?

SOLO is 60 inches wide and 84 inches long.

How many people can SOLO accommodate?

SOLO is designed exclusively for one adult and the environments he/she typically sleeps in.

What beds will SOLO best work on?

SOLO is designed for use on queen, full, and twin sized beds.

What makes SOLO special?

SOLO’s custom multi-layered construction was specifically designed for hot sleepers who tend to overheat, even while resting in cooler bedroom climates. SOLO features the world’s first independently capable twill woven shell, a feature that allows for continuous release body heat and sweat absorption while providing increased breathable warmth that will get you through cold nights. Beautiful inside and out, SOLO incorporates natural soybean fluff to achieve leaner construction during storage, reduced rigidity, increased sweat absorption, increased air circulation, and additional warmth generation.

Individual compatibility: Hot sleepers that may particularly benefit from SOLO’s unique design are people with increased metabolisms, women going through menopause, or people who wake up in sweat because of anxiety.

Environment compatibility: SOLO’s breathability is best utilized in cooler sleeping environments that have generated air flow. (ex. from air conditioners or fans)

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