Product Description

Made from scratch
Engineered from their fibers, our hemp and linen weighted blanket covers have premium components “hand selected” throughout our annual world travels.

No more drag or loose ends
Secures to SOLO or DUO with more ties, self-locking hand stitched tie ends, and rougher tie texture.

Hemp and linen fabrics are known to last several generations.  Turn your SOLO or DUO into a family heirloom!

Components that last
Finished with zippers from YKK, world leader in zipper innovation.  Quilted with COATS, thread maker of fine suits.

Bast Weighted Blanket Covers

for SOLO & DUO

Designed with the perspective that a weighted blanket and its cover are simply parts of a multi-layered fabric assembly, our bast covers gradually add moderate resting warmth with an extended cooling touch.

Simplified Product Specs
Color:White (SOLO), Tan (DUO)
Fabric:Hemp (SOLO), Linen (DUO)
# of Ties:14 (SOLO), 16 (DUO)
Hidden Zipper:Made by YKK
Stitching:Made by COATS


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About TruHugs bast weighted blanket covers


Protect and maintain with ease
A removable weighted blanket cover extends the life of your weighted blanket, lower back, and washing machine.

Thermal compatibility
Perfect for people who sleep cold, cooler climates, and winter everywhere.

Processed using mechanical brute force, our bast covers are certified organic by GOTS.

Won’t cause rashes or ‘ahhhh…..choos’.


What weighted blanket models do you make bamboo covers for?

Our bamboo lyocell covers add low resting warmth to truHugs SOLO and DUO weighted blankets with a silky cool touch. Quickly adds minor breathable insulation.

Why are bast family weighted blanket covers different colors?

Our covers are minimally processed during fabric finishing, so the colors represent the natural colors of the fibers themselves.

In addition, our linen cover was finished to help hide signs of common use by adult couples tend to spend more time eating in bed and may have children that create a mess. Less maintenance equals more free time.

What weighted blanket model do you make linen covers for?

Our linen covers add another protective layer to truHugs DUO weighted blanket providing gradual warm-up rates and moderate resting warmth while synergizing with the body heat released by two adults. Gradually adds moderate breathable insulation.

What weighted blanket model do you make hemp covers for?

Our hemp covers add another protective layer to truHugs SOLO weighted blanket providing gradual warm-up rates and moderate resting warmth while synergizing with the body heat released by one adult. Gradually adds moderate breathable insulation.

How do your covers compare in their comfort performance?

All our covers provide superior cooling touch, breathability and sweat absorption when compared to minky, fleece, or cotton weighted blanket covers. In addition, all our covers provide warmth more gradually, ‘smoothening’ the warm-up experience. Our bamboo covers provide a little less insulation than our hemp linen covers. The bamboo covers offer a silky feel that becomes fuzzier as its washed. Our hemp and linen covers provide the best protection for your weighted blanket, often lasting several generation effectively turning your truHugs into a family heirloom.

Taking their raw fiber material properties into account, we wove our DUO 100% linen cover to add slightly less warmth than our SOLO 100% hemp cover in order to meet the different thermal regulatory requirements between two adults sleeping together and one adult sleeping alone.

What is the best way to attach a truHugs weighted blanket cover to its weighted blanket?
Do your covers fit other weighted blankets?

Sorry, no. We engineered our covers to securely latch onto our weighted blankets which are uniquely sized to accommodate adult average body sizes, lifestyles, and the environments they sleep in.

Swaddling towards infinity

truHugs weighted blankets are developed with research from the fields of clinical psychology, neuroscience, neurophysiology, material science, textile science, physics, biology, chemistry, and kinesiology.

Our hemp covers fit...SOLO: Weighted blanket for adults

Ridiculously engineered, SOLO delivers an unparalleled weighted blanket experience for the individual adult with continuous dynamic pressure stabilization and optimized thermal regulation.  Meant for use by one adult on queen, full, and twin size beds.

Our linen covers fit...DUO: Weighted blanket for couples

Designed to meet the varied requirements of two unique adults sleeping on the same bed, DUO continually balances the extra body heat coming from your partner and rids of any excess. Meant for use on king size beds.

Fine tuned warmth and thermal regulation

Supernatural materials

Both hemp and linen are gigantic fibers that slowly absorb heat from your body into their large hollow cores, eventually providing moderate insulation as the night gets colder.  This gradual process makes hemp and linen cool to touch for extended durations.

Woven close & far

Our linen cover’s threads are woven “closer than average”, reducing overall insulation.  The result is a DUO cover that feels moderately warm to couples…two adults that always seem to release more body heat than one.  Our hemp cover’s threads are woven “farther than average”, increasing overall insulation to a suitable level that seems moderately warm to a single adult.

Percale woven

Reduces overall insulation of our bast covers to moderate ranges that can be further fine tuned.

Finished kosher

Our covers are independently finished so desirable raw fiber properties can be preserved.

Material Specifications
  • Color: White (SOLO), Tan (DUO)
  • Weave: Percale
  • Thread construction: Single-ply
  • Pre-softening treatments: Fire washing, water washing, air washing, air curing
  • Pre-shrinking: Yes, 97%
  • Certifications: Global Organic Textile Standard
  • Color: White
  • Total #: 14 (SOLO), 16 (DUO)
  • Tips: Hand-tapered
  • Color: White
  • Length: 60 inches (SOLO), 108 inches (DUO)
  • Attachment: Cover footer
  • Color: White

All of our products are covered by free returns with paid shipping 30 days from the date of order.

We also have a limited lifetime manufacturer’s warranty.  If your truHugs cover ever falls apart because of us, we will make sure you have a new weighted blanket cover in your hands that meets your standards of excellence with a standard $50 processing fee.