Solo Weighted Blanket for AdultsSolo Weighted Blanket for Adults
Product Description

Cocoon yourself with SOLO, a weighted comforter that maintains pressure as you move and sleep
SOLO’s innovative quilted design efficiently adapts to an adult’s resting positions and movements to continuously provide gentle equalized pressure all around the body whether the individual is sleeping or reading a book.  SOLO queen size weighted blanket is swaddle towards infinity for one.

Engineered for maximum breathability
Enjoy ultimate comfort offered by the world’s first weighted blanket twill woven shell that is independently capable as a single layer.

Not too heavy or light
No matter who you are, our weighted blankets have the same pressure densities that produced results for a variety of different adults evaluated in past scientific studies. To meet the pressure sensitivity requirements of various people, SOLO comes in 15 lbs., 23 lbs, and 30 lbs.

Truly sustainable
We went all the way upstream to where natural fibers are grown to make sure our blanket was made with ethical labor and minimal environmental harm.  Certified organic by GOTS.

The process of spinning and weaving our own materials from scratch requires longer manufacturing times. Each annual production batch of truHugs is customized to order and limited.

TruHugs SOLO

Executive Weighted Blanket

Our flagship masterpiece, SOLO’s engineering sets the weighted blanket experience for “hyper-sensitives” around the world.

Simplified Product Specs
Sized for:Twin, full, and queen size beds
Fabric:Hemp & cotton
Fluff:Soybean & micropolyester

Free Shipping

Hassle Free Returns

Lifetime Guarantee

Beauty in form and function

About the SOLO Weighted Blanket

Adaptable to multiple bed frames
SOLO’s unique surface texture prevents slippage on twin, full, and queen size beds.

SOLO is softened with air, fire, earth, and water.

Premium quality
Quilted with COATS, thread maker for fine suits.

Processed organically and mechanically. Our industry graded recycled micro-polyester is certified as safe for infants and adults with allergies.

Therapeutic benefits
Balance your autonomic nervous system with continuous deep pressure stimulation, decreasing negative physical and mental symptoms associated with stress, anxiety, autism, PTSD, and insomnia.

How do I maintain SOLO?

Convenient method- saves the most time and energy

Washing: TruHugs weighted blankets can be washed with organic detergent with cold water on delicate cycle. Avoid the use of of bleach. If you own a cover, please detach the cover and wash separately. Covers should be all the way zipped up during maintenance.

Drying: Please dry all TruHugs products using low heat and low speed tumble settings on your dryer. Dry until slightly damp, then air dry for 30 minutes.

Preferred method – helps your TruHugs last a lifetime

Washing: Hand wash in cold water using organic detergent.

Drying: Drip dry at room temperature.

How big is SOLO?

SOLO is 60 inches wide and 84 inches long.

How many people can SOLO accommodate?

SOLO is designed exclusively for one adult and the environments he/she typically sleeps in.

What beds will SOLO best work on?

SOLO is designed for use on queen, full, and twin sized beds.

What makes SOLO special?

SOLO’s custom multi-layered construction was specifically designed for hot sleepers who tend to overheat, even while resting in cooler bedroom climates. SOLO features the world’s first independently capable twill woven shell, a feature that allows for continuous release body heat and sweat absorption while providing increased breathable warmth that will get you through cold nights. Beautiful inside and out, SOLO incorporates natural soybean fluff to achieve leaner construction during storage, reduced rigidity, increased sweat absorption, increased air circulation, and additional warmth generation.

Individual compatibility: Hot sleepers that may particularly benefit from SOLO’s unique design are people with increased metabolisms, women going through menopause, or people who wake up in sweat because of anxiety.

Environment compatibility: SOLO’s breathability is best utilized in cooler sleeping environments that have generated air flow. (ex. from air conditioners or fans)

What is your return policy?

We are confident in our unique product qualities and want you to test truHugs out for yourself. We accept free returns with paid shipping 30 days from the date of order.

One advantage of purchasing via the web store is your non-payment order information is automatically stored in the case of a request for refund, exchange, or lifetime warranty claim. An account is automatically created so you can do these things at your own convenience.

Transform SOLO

Fill your unique requirements with a removable bamboo or hemp weighted blanket cover.

Cool cover option: Bamboo

adds minor warmth

acutely cold to touch

warms up quicker



Warm cover option: Hemp

adds moderate warmth

extended cooling touch

warms up slower

more durable

What makes SOLO different?

Supernatural materials
The king of natural fabric comfort performance, hemp provides superior durability, cooling touch, warmth, breathability and sweat management capabilities when compared to other natural fibers known to mankind. Gradually gives just the right amount of warmth to just about anyone living anywhere.

Hemp is one of the most ancient fabrics.  Hemp is also the king of sustainable fabrics… and requires very little water to grow.  Spontaneously, hemp also helps restore nutrients to soil so fields can grow fallow again.

Breathable shell
SOLO features the world’s first twill woven shell that is independently capable as a singular layer when used in a weighted blanket.  No heat-trapping rigid plastic scrims needed to prevent weighted bead leakage!  SOLO’s air permeability was fine-tuned to its maximal limits, with numerous tests evaluating the strengths and weaknesses of different fabric constructions and compositions.  Towards the end of our annual research phase.. we took 10 different fabrics, each with a different weave and material composition.  We picked the most breathable one that wouldn’t leak fluff.  There were 3 other fabrics that could have worked as well, but they weren’t as breathable.  Thus, SOLO not only represents our research focus, but also the hard work of due diligence leading to its birth.

Balanced core
SOLO’s high-density core is spun to reduce empty airspaces that can easily trap heat coming in from your body and cause you to sweat.  Provides constant warmth even with extended use.

Material Specifications
The details
  • Color: Undyed White
  • Weave: Twill
  • Thread construction: Single-ply
  • Pre-softening Treatments: Air washing, air aging, fire washing, water washing, earth enzyme washing
  • Pre-shrunk: Yes (97%)
  • Certification: Global Organic Textile Standard

Post order, all our products are covered by free returns with paid shipping for 30 days.

We also have a limited lifetime manufacturer’s warranty.  If your truHugs product ever falls apart because of us, we will make sure you have a replacement in your hands that meets your standards of excellence with a $50 processing fee.

Bluntly put, we are here to serve.