A Perfect Pairing

Organic Weighted Blanket Duvet Covers Tailored for SOLO & DUO

Elevate your TruHugs Weighted Blanket

Our removable weighted blanket duvet covers are designed from the perspective of viewing weighted blanket plus cover as a multi-layered assembly. Using organic, hand-selected materials, these covers give each blanket a little extra warmth while remaining completely breathable and cool-to-touch. Not to mention a modern and luxurious look.


Both hemp and linen (flax) fibers have been used for centuries in the textile industry for their natural insulating properties--meaning they help keep you warm during winters and cool during summers. Perfect for cold sleepers or those who like having a slightly warmer blanket.


Bamboo is a highly-sustainable modern textile developed to be silky smooth and extremely cool to the touch. A great fabric for those who run a little warmer in their sleep.

Sometimes Less is More

Beyond choosing the right types of natural fibers for our covers, we also made sure every step in our manufacturing process improves insulation while maximizing thermal regulation.

Weaving Pattern

Slightly increasing the spacing between threads in our fabric helps dissipate extra hot air so you don’t sweat during the night, all while increasing desired insulation.

No Unnecessary Finishes

Many fabrics are coated in a finish that can decrease airflow. Our weighted blanket covers are independently finished so desirable natural properties of raw fibers are preserved.

It’s in the Details


Our covers feature an internal tie & loop design which keeps the blanket in place within the cover. We tested a huge variety of tie designs--looking for one that was the easiest to tie onto your blanket and then hold fast.

More Attachment Points

The SOLO blanket features 14 attachment points that help keep the blanket securely inside the cover, and the DUO features 16 attachment points.

Hidden YKK Zippers

A high-quality YKK hidden zipper gives the cover a completely seamless look and feel. You won’t even know it’s there!


Solo Blanket

Duo Blanket